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STORMRIDER was founded in 2001 when Stefan, Ingo and Stefan spontaneously decided to express their musical preferences for traditional Heavy Metal in a bandproject. Our talent was quickly discovered and hence, even though we mainly played in other in bands at that time, it soon became clear that Stormrider had to be more than just a sidekick. From then on we concentrated on Stormrider (only) and were looking for other bandmembers. It was not very easy to find the right musicians and thus the band was only completed in spring 2002 when Sven and Jan joined.

At various gigs throughout Germany we had the chance to perform our songs live and got more and more in sync. Our gigs were met with great enthusiasm! In 2002 we went to record our minialbum “VENGEANCE”, that got great reviews in the press and e-zines.

Though friends of the band compare us to Iron Maiden and Iced Earth our musical style is influenced by the NWOBHM and the U.S.-Metal of the 80s. We have created our own unique style including ballad-like parts, dual leads and Speed Metal.

In June 2003 there was a change in the line-up when Sven left the band and was replaced by Daniel. In 2004 we recorded our first longplayer “ SHIPWRECKED ”, which keeps and improves the style of “VENGEANCE”. With this album we signed with Underground Symphony in early 2005.

In October 2008 we signed with Pure Steel Records and released our second longplayer “ Fate Of The Hunter ”. In addition numerous live gigs are planned and booked to raise Stormrider’s popularity...