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Power Metal - Canada

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Sudden Flames has proved their value as supporting act for such band as Stratovarius, DragonForce, Kamelot, Paul Di’anno… and during their Canadian 2007 tour.

Their new album Death Might Be Late will please the fans with the quality of the songs as well as the quality of the sound. As always, SuddenFlames brings a collection of songs full of melody and energy. Death Might Be Late includes titles like the popular ‘Till the End, the classic Bewitched Boat. Some of the new songs were played live a couple of times and received a noisy and enthusiast welcome like Son of Doom, Nativitas In Tenebris and The Piper. The long time fan favorite The Headless Horseman is now a magnificent theatrical suite. Death Might Be Late is a journey into classic metal. Nearly 60 minutes of pure metal.