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Created late in 1997, the band records the song "Strange Reality" at the LB Lab under the leadership of Stéphane BURIEZ. The critics are positive both in national and international magazines. Soon, the fans show the same enthusiasm.

This wonderful welcoming transcends the band who was then working flat out to write the first chapter of its history. Released in 2000 and entitled " Fantasea ", the first album is going to give SYRENS CALL the opportunity to make itself known in France as well as abroad. Although it was made at their own charge in their own studio - except for a version of "Far Away" recorded at the LB Lab - the quality of the work seduces BRENNUS label which releases the album in 15 countries.

MAXIMUM CD - Russia - and HELLION RECORDS - Brazil - labels sign in turn with the band, which is therefore given the opportunity to enlarge its audience a bit more.

From then on, the band performed with famous bands in the metal scene such as Ark, Threshold, Vanden Plas, Within Temptation, Superior, The Gathering and even did the opening act for Doro in Paris in January 2002.

The core of fans expands…So does the band !

Then the band gets a new member - Frank MANIER on the keyboards. He completes the initial quintet in September 2002. This young musician brings a brand-new life into the band, which has already been working hard on its second album. He integrates the band rapidly. The new songs are given another dimension and the recording for " Emoceans " can start.

Recorded during 2003 in SYRENS CALL's own studio, then mixed and mastered by Bruno Levesque (SILENCE) in January-February 2004, Emoceans proves the band's ability to reach new standards by offering something more melodic, mature and powerful. This evolution has been confirmed by a positive welcoming of the album by the media.

But the good balance within the band is compromised when the members decide to part ways with their singer just after performing a memorable show with the original line-up at the Metal Female Voices Festival II at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, opening for bands like Nightwish and Epica.

SYRENS CALL then begin the composition process of their new album. Meanwhile they find their new frontwoman in summer 2005 after several months of search and audition. Her name is Soraya.

The rapid integration of Soraya allowed the quick finalisation of new titles played live during Fall 2005. Gathered on a 5 tracks MCD named "Against Wind and Tide", 3 new compositions, completed by a new version of Aquatic Coma and a cover of DEPECHE MODE 'Enjoy The Silence", is available since September 2006, once again on the BRENNUS label.

But even before its official release this CD opened SYRENS CALL the door to the French final of the METAL BATTLE in Paris the 21rst of May 2006 (la Loco).

Convinced that Soraya's arrival gives the band a new dimension the entire band wishes today to continue making steps forwards...