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Terra Prima is a Heavy Metal band from Brazilian Northeast. From latin, Terra Prima means “First Earth”, what we may understand as “The Earth in its essence or origins”. Based on this, the band shows the sounds and rhythms of the whole World mixed with Heavy Metal.

The band is 5 years old and has already played with very important metal bands from Brazil and the World, such as Angra, Shaman, Viper, Atrocity, Leave's Eyes among others. Terra Prima also played in a local festival called Abril pro Rock (Motörhead, Destruction, Sepultura, Helloween and Gamma Ray have also played in other years), where approximately 5 thousand people watched the concert.

In 5 years the band has released a promo CD (Life Carries On) and an EP (Step by Step). Actually, Terra Prima is finished their debut album, which is going to be called And Life Begins . Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench, both from the Brazilian band Korzus, have produced the album and it's been recorded, mixed and mastered at Mr. Som (Torture Squad, Hangar) in São Paulo – Brazil. The album will contain 11 tracks and will probably be released in Octorber 2009.

Terra Prima is: Daniel Pinho (vocal), Diego Veras and Otavio Mazer (Guitars), João Nogueira (Keyboards), Pedro Diniz (Bass) and Tiago Guima (Drums).