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Power Metal - Germany

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The Claymore biography

Founded in summer 2000 by the current lineup, THE CLAYMORE gained second place at the Emergenza newcomer festival 2002 and were announced to be the winner of the Drum demo listening session (RockHard zine) in Dortmund.

The first demo tape called "II" was sold over 500 times. The band started to record their debut album called " MONUMENT " during summer 2003, date of release: december 2003. " MONUMENT "earned 8,5 of 10 points in the RockHard zine and "heavy oder was"...!

Other great reviews were followed by a bunch of interviews in several print- and netzines.

THE CLAYMORE played gigs with acts like TESTAMENT, PRIMAL FEAR, AXXIS, TANKARD, ANGEL DUST, RAGE, UDO, GUS CHAMBERS and performed headliner shows in Romania and Italy.

In 2009 THE CLAYMORE released their second Album " SYGN " in Europe!!!