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The Mob is a new melodic rock outfit assembled by Whitesnake guitar player Reb Beach. Their debut self-titled CD is released by Frontiers Records in Europe on November 7th, 2005. This is the story so far - prepare to be blown away...

After Winger sadly split in the early 90's, Reb re-directed his energies into new and different musical adventures that lead him eventually to join Alice Cooper, Dokken and finally the legendary Whitesnake, with whom he has toured the world over the past few years.

Reb was ready to get back to the recording and creative process after the warm feedback received by the release of his debut solo album “Masquerade” in 2002. Frontiers Records, after hearing some of the new material Reb was coming up with, encouraged him to recruit a new lineup and record an album. Having easily already persuaded his Whitesnake bandmate Timothy Drury (ex-Eagles) to play on the new recordings, Reb and Frontiers began discussions on who would be the singer for this new mega lineup. During his tenure with Winger, Reb had already played and toured with King's X and had become good friends with multi-talented singer and bass player Doug Pinnick. Reb has stated on many occassions that Doug is one of his favourite singers so he was the natural choice for Reb and Doug immediately committed himself to the new band.

Soon after the writing process started to take shape, also thanks to the involvement of producer and Reb's former bandmate in Winger and Alice Cooper, Kip Winger. Kip brought the band together at his studio in Nashville and had his good friend Kelly Keagy, of Night Ranger fame, taking care of drums and background vocals (he ultimately ended up singing lead on the album's amazing ballad “The Magic”). The recording sessions took place in April 2005 and The Mob is now ready to unleash themselves on the market with a real classic album in the making.

Everyone who has been waiting many years to hear the classic Winger sound back again can now be happy. True to the influence of melodic hard rock and with eyes firmly set on great songwriting and immense musicianship, Reb assures everyone that The Mob are going to shake the world with a vengeance, as they hone this new band into the perfect Hard Rock band for the twenty first century...