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Power Metal - USA

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Forget everything you knew about new rock, metal, and sex, you have just discovered THISMEANSYOU. Hailing from Charlottesville, VA but gaining national attention after being featured in such publications as Metal Maniacs, the Washington Post, and on MTV and nationwide rock radio, this metal outfit is a force to be reckoned with.

You hear Kim Dylla, and she's stuck in your head- so innocent and exposed, you don't suspect the performance that is about to befall you. It's a trap, and you're stuck in the design- fresh, exquisitely constructed, cunning and ferocious, ALIVE and not a twitch out of place. THISMEANSYOU will never be mistaken for any lesser species, nor fall through the cracks in the soundscape. They need no faux-religious allegory nor horror imagery to make you feel just a little bit dirty along with the rush. You can't imagine, all you can possibly do is testify.

Bear witness and follow.