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Tierramystica was formed in 2008, the band bank on experient and renown musicians, which have already shared the stage with great names of world rock and heavy metal like Scorpions, Nightwish, Symphony X, Sepultura, Angra, Shaaman, Destruction, Paul Di’anno and Dr. Sin, moreover, they have passed by great festivals like Live n’ Louder Rock Fest (Gigantinho - Porto Alegre - at 2005) and Brazil Metal Union (Directv Hall at São Paulo). In musical terms, the band is strongly influenced by the latin-american music, taking in their songs strong traces of andin and brazilian culture. The latin way combined with the heavy metal conduct the band that tries to explore blowing instruments (like ocarinas, zampoñas,quenas, etc) and percurssion elements.

In the lyrics the Tierramystica tries to accost the spirituality at all, using, for this, the inca culture that is used like a background to the usual questions related to this subject (the spirituality).

Tierramystica has already ended working on the recording of it’s first promo cd called “New Eldorado” and it’s working in it’s first album, which has the release forecasted around may 2009. Intending the advertising of it’s first record on studio, a lot of live presentations have been appointed to 2009. It will pass aroud Uruguay, Argentin and Brazil’s south.