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Twilight Guardians was a power metal outfit formed 1996 in Finland. The first songs were born, Angel Without Wings and Night Of The Black Swan. The bands’ line-up has changed a few times, with different bass players and a vocalist. Now Twilight Guardians is a solid team, ready to take their place in the worlds metal scene!

The band made few “home studio” demos at -97. Feedback was suprisingly positive and as a result of this, Twilight Guardians desided to record their mini-cd “Land Of The Kings”.

LOTK was an immediate success! The band got fan mail throught the world, and then it was time to make a deal with a proper record company, which now is ANGULAR-RECORDS, Germany.

After the release of Tales of the Brave, T-G has done numerous shows in Finland and has been composing new songs for the forth-coming album “ Wasteland ”. Also a lot of interwiews has been done to numerous different magazines and radio stations. TOTB has sold quite fairly around the world and the reputation of the band has grown steadily.

In the year 2002 winter-spring, T-G started their studiowork. Alongside with the hard recording process, the band had to find time to make a music video and perform some live concerts as well.

The new songs you will hopefully hear very soon, follows the same main lines as heard on TOTB album, but with a more spacy feeling.