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Valhalla was born in 1997 with members of other bands, just to play Metal.
The first line-up was integrated by Jevo (Vocals and guitars), Iván Corcuera (Drums), Iván Valdemoros (Bass) and Xabi Coto (Guitars). Three months later, Valhalla played their first show that was also a farewell to Xabi that left the band and Mikel Martinez took his place for the guitars. They did many gigs in small clubs in the basque area and even in some other cities of the spanish territory.

In summer 1998 the record a demo called "Guardians Of Metal" and afterwards a new singer joins the band, Javi "Patxa" Navarro. They opened shows for bands like Metal Church, Lujuria, Easy Rider... and the critics were great. Due to their staging of shows full of power and pyro they won the prize of the prestigious new bands contest of Villa De Bilbao in year 2000.

That year they recorded their first self-edited and self-released album called " Beyond The Underworld " (2000). This album was an absolute success and was a revulsive in Valhalla's career. They sold many copies in Japan and other countries like Brasil, Germany or Russia. They were received important record companies proposals and finally they signed with Tipo/Zero records.

Days before starting the recordings for their next album, bassist Iván Valdemoros left the band and the bass parts were recorded by Jevo and Mikel. The new album was named " Once Upon A Time " (2001) and it was mastered at the Finnvox Studios in Finland (Stratovarius, Edguy...). Artwork was done by the renowned english artist Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray...). By that time Chefy joined the band to play bass guitar, an old friend of Patxa. They were on tour in most of the big cities of Spain.

For different reasons, they split with Zero Records and sign with Goimusic, to release their third work " Nightbreed " (2003). This time the album was recorded in the Grabasonic Studios, owned by Iván, and mastered again by Mika Jussila in Finland. Thay also recorded a cover song for the tribute to Panzer, one of the greater Spanish bands in the eighties.

Reviews of this CD were excellent but because of the poor promotion and distribution by the record company the band rescind the contract and decide to edit their next album under the new self created label Grabasonic. Just after the recording sessions, Chefy leave the band and he's replaced by Kepa Jordan. The last work is called " The Aftermath " and without any doubt is the most powerful and heavy album they've ever done. If you don't believe it, just listen to it!