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Vendaval formed in November 2002 by members of the group Nörthwind, Txema Trinidad (voice), Miguel Fernandez (bass) and Fernando Arguelles (drums) along with Luis Fernandez (guitar), which was already a founding member of the same band and compose and recorded his first hit album "North Wind."

Mark IThe group aims to clear out the style of "epic power metal, with letters in Castilian literature based on the epic of dragons and knights which has marked the history of Norther and surprise with a mixture of heavy metal in the style of traditional with strong rhythms, themes and powerful direct without orchestral arrangements and lyrics, also in Castilian, of various kinds.

Since its inception, has received support from the GOI Music label, which believed in the project Nörthwind and handle distribution Vendaval Music.

Mark ISU first album was recorded at Sound Source by Arkaitz studies Carrasco and was released in mid-June 2003. Similarly, in March 2005 brought to light their second album "My Other Half" recorded at Eclipse by Daniel Sevillano studies and performed a special edition of both works in Mexico in collaboration with GRAVIS Records, and a video promotional clip of the song "My Other Half." In October 2005 the program of the television Rockstation 40TV presents the video "Death at Dawn", the theme chosen by the followers of the band as more representative of the album "My Other Half."

Mark Ïîèñê 2006, Miguel received the award for best bassist AMAS hand Asturias Canal Cultural Association. The fact almost coincides temporally with the onset of physical problems that force Luis project abandonment Vendaval. To cover the low, who better than Carlos Suarez, great musician and guitarist, veteran stage and friend of the band, which makes it possible for the tour, "My Other Half" can be completed.

Mark IIIYa in 2007, the band looks even more forceful in their direct and features a second guitarist, Andy Flórez. After the presentation of "My Other Half" Carlos resumed activity with his original band and Michael Tierra de Nadie leaves us as their current musical motivations increasingly distanced themselves more from the style of the group.

Mark IVDe for the new album were still engaged in the continuing evolution of the band and our sound to be what more do we identify and joins James "Rabax" Fernandez on guitar, Mario Herrero on keyboards and Paul Rodriguez at low. In the fall of 2008 began recording the album "Stigmata" and in turn Javi Gonzalez joins the group in place of Paul.