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Vhaldemar was born in Vizcaya (Spain) at the end of the 90s, when guitarist Pedro J. Monge decides to made a band with Carlos Escudero, also guitarist and singer. Few time later, Oscar Cuadrado, electric bass guitar player, join them. After the first songs are composed, they noted that Vhaldemar has many opportunities to go to the top, and they completed the band with the drummer Edu Martnez, ex-drummer of the group Anarko. Arise Records edited they first album, Fight to the End on March of 2002. The album was recorded at the Rock Studios (Spain) by Carlos Creator, produced by Vhaldemar, and mastered in the New Sin Studios (Italy) by Luigi Stefanini. The cover is an original of the drawer Jean-Pascal Fournier (Edguy, Avantasia, Immortal,) The powerful compositions, the refined technique and the aggressive melodies surprised every one, and the critics were really good for this new band called Vhaldemar and their Fight to the End. Arise Records also edited their second album, named " I Made My Own Hell " in November 2003, recorded again in "Rock Studios" and with a Jean Pascal Fournier's cover. This new album confirmed Vhaldemar's sound and their position in the world of the music. They played with groups like DIO,IRON MAIDEN, Lost Horizon... They played in a lot of places, as the prestigious auditorium as Mephisto (Barcelona), Bilborock (Bilbao), Aqualung and Ritmo&Comps (Madrid), Republicca (Valencia) and the Piorno Rock Festival (Granada). Vhldemar's albums have been edited in Europe, Japan, North America and South America. In Brasil, Vhaldemar was elected as best international Heavy Metal group and they album was named by many of the most prestigious Heavy Metal magazines as debut disc of the year.