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Wind Wraith was in formed in August of 2000 by Patrick Blair with one goal in mind, bring back heavy metal and the guitar solo in its true raw form. Influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Manowar, Metallica, Megadeth, and Pantera, Wind Wraith’s line up, which includes a heavily textured three guitar assault, was soon completed. Writing and rehearsals began immediately and in the spring of 2001 the band began recording their independently released debut album, “The Fortune Teller’s Gaze”.

The recording process proved to be a major learning experience for the still new band, and by the time the dust settled so did the lineup. “The Fortune Teller’s Gaze” was completed and released in September 2001 with Patrick Blair and Diana Dellasala on rhythm guitar, Brian Fingerhut on Lead guitar, George Niesuchouski on drums, Joe Antonelli on bass And Steve Ronson as lead vocalist.

Wind Wraith spent the next year promoting the album which received many positive reviews from local music magazines, music websites, and even the European heavy metal community. Unfortunately, Joe and Steve were unable to commit to the Wind Wraith because of prior band commitments and George soon felt the situation was not for him forcing the band to a halt.

In the fall of 2002 Wind Wraith met up with bassist Brian Hobbie and drummer Rob Maresca, veterans of the local music scene, who like what they heard and decided to bring their talent and experience to the band. After an exhaustive year long search, Wind Wraith finally found the last piece of their puzzle when vocalist Scott Oliva answered the call.

It took just over three years for Wind Wraith to be complete, the result: a much tighter, heavier, aggressive, talented and impressive version of its former self. The new Wind Wraith signed to Iron Glory Records in late 2003. “The Fortune Teller’s Gaze” has been rerecorded to reflect the current lineup and true sound of Wind Wraith and is set to be re-released in the early spring of 2004. The band is currently writing material for a second album, tentatively titled “ Minions of Metal ”, and looks to create an even more dynamic and aggressive sound. As always, the march for metal continues...