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Power Metal - Germany

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Winterstorm biography

Winterstorm was formed in 2008 inGermany.

"A coming storm"- this is the motto by which a group of six young musicians want to start their career - and they have also made it the title of their first CD.

Their aim is to enthral their fans with their passionate music. They want to contribute a new sound to the metal sceneWinterstorm (GER), which not only inspires inveterate metal fans. It soon became clear that exactly the right people had met after years of experience with other projects to assault the hall of fame of Metal together.

In the songs of Winterstorm there is always a distinct melody in the foreground, which is reflected in catchy choruses, a variety of instrumental tunes and manifold part singing.

Distinctive elements of various styles of Metal are amalgamated and given a new interpretation. Elements of Power, Viking and Folk are combined with elements of the Middle Ages and Epic Metal, which together appear in a new splendour.

This makes up an explosive mix, which goes down well with younger and older fans.

So then, raise your horns and be prepared - the Winterstorm is coming up.