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After watching a show of Kiss, Christian Passos, and Bezier Mendel began to dream of having a band. By Christian Steps! "We did our first show in the backyard of my house to all the guys from the street and from there we never stop playing! Much later after many bands that had among them "famous" Tribute Masked Lies and the Wizards came in 1992 which included, besides the three of us, with two guitarists, my cousin and Assad Leandro, rehearsed direct Mendel's house and started to record some demos, we were getting better, one day a Japanese businessman came to Brazil to see my father who had worked with him for years and I ended up showing a demo of the Wizards for him, to my surprise he loved it and asked me to take ribbon with him to the Japan After about two months he would call me saying that the JVC Victor Company of Japan was interested in the Wizards! We recorded our first album in 1995 already with Kadu in the guitar and we were surprised with an eighth place in the charts of the biggest rock magazine in Japan Burnn, after a while we were top rated in the journal as best new band of the year. In 1996 we released our second album "Sound of life" in Brazil that ended up popping on radio with the song "Promise of Love" and gave us a great tour in Brazil. In 1998 we released our third album "Beyond The sight" but with many problems with label, producer and media specialist who did not want us to despontássemos not compete with a band of that time, it gave the Wizards a time. Four years in the shipyard and in 2002 the Wizards came back with full force with the CD " The Kingdom " now without Waisberg the brothers who founded the band with me but with Filipe Guerra and Rodrigo Mello metal lovers too! In 2003 Christian Steps announces the end of the band and released a compilation containing songs from the band's first three albums. The highlights are the bonus track, "Bring Down The House" which came out in the Japanese version of the album " The Kingdom " and an acoustic version for "King Without A Crown." The Kingdom II is the album that marks the band's return Wizards Paulo, Rodrigo Mello, a former drummer of Symbols. Produced by Thiago Bianchi, the new album features 10 tracks with the best of its melodic metal, as reflected in the highlights "To Believe," "Nobody Else" and "The Ville." Now in 2008 the band returns with a new demo of the song Netsaret Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth), which is written in Aramairo and was inspired by the movie (Passion of Crit). Soon the band released their new yet untitled CD!